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City of Boise Age-Friendly Assessment

In 2015, the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department contracted with the Center for the Study of Aging at Boise State University to conduct an Age-friendly Assessment of the community. The assessment, modeled after the WHO Age-friendly Cities Guide, gathered information from older adults, caregivers of older adults, and agencies providing services to older adults in Boise about assets and barriers to healthy aging.

Overall, survey and focus group participants viewed Boise as a friendly community, where people are courteous to older adults. Gaps identified by key informants were related to inclusion, accessibility, and affordability. For example, almost 40% of older adults reported not being “regularly consulted by public, volunteer, and commercial services on how to serve them better.” Overlaying maps of demographic distributions and income levels with available services and transportation routes identified gaps in access to social and health related resources. See link for access to full report,
CoBAFA Final Report